As an independent filmmaker based in London and West Sussex UK, I have experience specialising in directing, writing, producing and cinematography. I have a passion for both fictional and documentary filmmaking with a love for exploring a wide range of genres and techniques. With a background in fashion design, I have gained a great knowledge of how to create a powerful image, steeped with meaning and depth which is something I always strive to achieve when making a film. 


With a passion for the collaborative art form of filmmaking I am confident in working both with large crews or self shooting, making sure I execute my role in the team professionally and to the best of my ability. 


Other skills include editing using softwares such as Da Vinci resolve 16, Premiere pro and Adobe audition. I have extensive past experience in organising events and fashion catwalks, directing teams of 50-70 people which has proven to be valuable experience when directing on set.


To view some of my past short films please visit the Portfolio page.