Short Film Portfolio

Here you can find a selection of my past short films.


Warning, contains flashing images and partial nudity.


A short film exploring how suppressed trauma can seep from our subconscious causing physical manifestations of pain.


Set in an alternative Great Britain where a tyrannical fascist government is finally overthrown, the joy of a new found freedom and safety erupts amongst the long oppressed people. However, for one of it's cold hearted loyal supporters, fear and cowardice sets in as the realisation washes over her.

Tertium Quid

A short film in which explores the trials and depths of love in a society where the freedom to love does not apply to all.

I’ve tried to allow for people to come up with their own interpretations of the events taking place based of the basic story. 


The film follows a pilgrimage taken by a young woman as she recalls the life changing events that took place 20 years earlier in the hope of finding closure.


A short film in which I reflect on my feelings regarding my time within the fashion industry and the series of events that led me to leave it in order to focus on building a career in film.


A short film experiment exsploring the poeple of London and the society in which they live.


A visual comment on the complex forms of masculinity and personal identity.

The Dreaming!

Set in a dream that evolves into a nightmare. Through the use of symbolism and dance ‘The Dreaming’ takes the audience on a journey of the manipulation of young minds by a society that idolises popularity, social media, models and the latest trends - no matter the cost!

In Mourning


'In Mourning’ is a gritty psychological delve into the mind of Kit, a young man in his early 20s struggling with the lows of losing his brother. We follow him over one morning, as he is confronted by his grief in an unexpected and life changing way - will he survive?